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FIC: Sloane Rangers & Lager Lovelies

There were days when I never thought I'd get this done. But y'know what?


Title: Sloane Rangers and Lager Lovelies
Author: Dryad
Rating: X, NC17, M/o, XO
Spoilers: pre-XF, mytharc
Size: 162k
Archive: Please do. A note where would be fabu.
Summary: 'Green and pleasant land' indeed, he mused, shuffling along
with the crowd, hoping to board the Circle line before the doors
closed. He couldn't imagine London ever being anything less than
dirty and grey and filled with people he didn't like.
Feedback: I like it. hekateris at gmail dot com

Author's Note: This story may be triggering for sex trauma. No
minors are injured in this story.

This story will also be posted on AO3 on Wednesday.

"Now listen. You're going to throw that water down your neck and then
you're going to come with me to our crime scene. You will not throw up,
you will not make an ass out of yourself, and more importantly, you will
not make a mug out of me. Understand?"

Sloane Rangers & Lager Lovelies

Tags: archive of our own, big bang 2012, fiction, mulder, x files fan fiction
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