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Summaries and Titles: Claim Post

So, the first draft deadline has been and gone and it's time for the stories (or, in this case, story) to be claimed. We don't have too many this year - something we can blame on a distinct lack of XF3, real life and a variety of other things - so let's keep our fingers crossed that FOX gives us the greenlight next year. Until then though, we have this one to whet our appetites.

Claiming a Story:

Each summary will be given a number. I will add comments to this post with the title and number in the body of the comment. This number will relate to the summary. If you want to claim that summary, reply to the relevant comment.

Each summary can be claimed by more than one person.

Once the summary has been claimed, you'll be given the author's name and contact information.

Remember that you can make a soundtrack, come up with some illustrations, write some meta, create a vid - anything goes this year.

Stories and their accompanying work cannot be posted anywhere prior to your assigned posting date.

Important Deadlines:

Your final piece must be completed by October 6th. You may provide us with a link to the piece or the file itself.

The posting window will be between October 13th and October 31st. The moderators will contact you with your posting date

The Summaries:

1. Sloane Rangers and Lager Lovelies

Rating: NC17

Summary: 'Green and pleasant land' indeed, he mused, shuffling along
with the crowd, hoping to board the Circle line before the doors
closed. He couldn't imagine London ever being anything less than
dirty and grey and filled with people he didn't like.

Warnings: This story may be triggering for sex trauma.

And that's it. All you need to do now is stake your claim and get those pencils, mice, laptops, whatever ready to go.

If you have any questions let us know - either here, by e-mail (xf_bigbang at gmail dot com), or at omg_xf_bigbang.
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