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Beta Sign-up Post 2012

As you know, it is a requirement that all entries in The X-files Big Bang have a beta reader. Beta readers act as sounding boards, editors, and cheerleaders for authors and artists by helping them get a first reaction to their work. A good beta reader is essential to the creation of most quality fiction. While creators are free to work with existing betas or ask close friends, several of the authors who signed up have indicated that they may need help finding a willing beta reader.

The purpose of this post is to help them with just that. If you are interested in putting some time into the Big Bang project, please consider helping as a beta reader! Reply with the information below, if interested.

Rules for Beta Readers

1. You will help edit at least one piece of 15,000+ word X-Files fanfiction, 3,500+ word meta or 2,500+ word review between the dates of May 14th and October 13th.
2. You are willing to communicate over e-mail with the author.
3. You may already be signed up as an author or artist but, if an artist, you agree not to create art for a story you've betaed.
4. Betas may also be a member of the general fandom otherwise not connected with this Big Bang challenge.
5. You agree not to talk about the plot or name the author of the story you beta, until its published date.
6. You agree to have your name attached to the project.

Important Deadlines

You must sign-up to participate by August 17th.

Authors will contact you based on your comment below.

The final piece must be completed by October 13th. Make sure any personal time constraints will not conflict with any final revisions.

To Sign Up

Please comment below with the following information:

To Claim a Beta

If you see a beta profile that you think would work well with your story, please logout and comment anonymously to the post with something like "GLOMP" or "CLAIM!"

Then e-mail the beta at their contact e-mail to see if they are interested.

Thanks for participating! Don't forget to check out omg_xf_bigbang for support!
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