November 9th, 2009

  • fides

Resist or Serve

Name: fides
Title: Resist or Serve
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Various background pairings including Mulder/Krycek, Jack/Ianto, Nicholas/Mark plus other other 'historical' and/or canonical pairings
Crossover Fandoms: X-Files, Doctor Who/Torchwood, The State Within

Summary: "And so it came to pass that the human race fell and the earth was no more..." As Harold Saxon and his Toclafane claim dominion of the world, the question everyone has to ask themselves: resist or serve?

Warnings: Not everyone makes it to the end of the Year-That-Never-Was, violence, non-explicit genocide

Authors Notes:
1. Many thanks to Vipersweb and Snakeling for the beta. Any remaining mistakes are 'features' and most definitely my own.
2. This story is part of a series although it can be read as a standalone. Other stories in this series can be found at
3. Knowledge of all the shows involved in the crossover is not necessary however a short introduction to the main characters can be found at

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