October 11th, 2009

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Big Bang Posting Dates

We're creeping ever closer to the final deadline of October 26th, when fic and artwork should be finished. Completed fic and artwork should be sent to xfbigbang@gmail.com on the deadline so that we know there'll be something to go out on each of the posting dates.

On your posting date, fic and artwork should be posted somewhere online and linked to from a post in the XF Big Bang community (posting privileges will be set up on November 1st for all writers and artists, so don't worry if you can't post to the community before then). If you aren't a member of LiveJournal you can email the mods with the link to your work and we'll post it on your behalf.

Posts should contain:
# Your lj user name/Author/Artist name. The one you signed up with.
# Your final title (both fic and artwork).
# Story and artwork rating, and pairing, if there is one.
# Your summary.
# Any warnings the reader might need to know about (non-con, death, animal torture, I don't know... you know what people warn for!)
# Any notes you might wish to add for the reader's perusal *g*.

Posts should be tagged with your name, the title of your work and the words 'xf_bigbang 2009'.

Emails have been sent to all writers and artists with information about posting dates on them. A master list of dates is below, but if you haven't had your email, please let me know and I'll resend it.

Remember that fic and artwork should not be posted anywhere else before your posting date.

As always, any questions can be sent here, to the email address, or to omg_xf_bigbang.

Masterlist of Posting Dates

2nd November
A Tell-Tale Truth

3rd November
The Quiet Limit of the World
Hidden Reflections

4th November
Before the War

5th November
Amazing Grace
Machines of Freedom

6th November
The Ghosts of Thurmere Hall

7th November

8th November
Queen of Hearts

9th November
Resist or Serve

10th November
Take A Walk Down Lonely Street

11th November
Lovers in Friends

12th November
Life Reclaimed
The Refugium