September 23rd, 2009

science v mysticism

Artists' Sign Ups Extended

The summaries and claims post went up last week and 8 of the 14 stories have been claimed. That means that there are still 6 stories needing artists to come up with illustrations, videos, dustjackets or other artwork for them.

We were asked a while ago whether we'd allow authors to also sign up as artists, though not for their own fic. The answer was a yes - if needed. Since the summaries and claims post has been up for a while now and we need more artists, we're opening up the artists sign-up.

Rules for Artists:

You will create at least one piece of art or a video to accompany one of the Big Bang stories.

Art can be any type you wish: original illustration, cover art, photo manipulation.

You will be able to post your story on your own journal or site, and we'll create a master list of links and summaries at the community.

Art cannot be posted anywhere prior to your assigned posting date.

Claims can only be made by artists at the moment. We may be able to allow writers to illustrate a story as well, but that depends on how many stories and artists we have. If we are able to do this, a sign up post will be made.

Important Deadlines:

Your final piece must be completed by October 26th. You may provide us with a link to the art or video or the art file itself.

The posting window will be between November 2nd and November 13th. The moderators will contact you with your posting date

If you're an author and would like to claim a story to create some artwork for you'll firstly need to sign up here and then claim the story you wish to illsutrate here.

Once you've done that you'll be sent a message with your artist's name and contact details.

Any questions please leave a message here, drop us a line on or comment over at omg_xf_bigbang.