September 7th, 2009

(X-F) Dear diary

Rough Draft Submission Guidlines

I know many of you have been waiting for this information... just HOW do you submit your fabulous first drafts?

That's right, for those of you who haven't been following omg_xf_bigbang or have been hiding out under magnetite rocks or something, we are almost to the first big deadline of this challenge. More exciting than a New Year's kiss, right?

First drafts of ALL FIC are due September 10th. (And to all you over-achievers who already are finished? Go ahead and send 'em in right now! We reward prepared Agents with some nice alone time with the pretty, A.D., 'kay?)

Here's what you need to know about submitting your draft:

1. The deadline for your submission is September 10th. As long as it's September 10th wherever you are when you send it, you're on time.

2. Absolutely no extensions past September 10th. We need to get things moving with the whole art assignment part of this, which is going to take some time, hence the deadline.

3. What we will need from you on September 10th:

Send an email to and include the following:
# Your lj user name/Author name. The one you signed up with. (Very important!)
# Your final title.
# Story rating. And pairing, if there is one.
# Your summary. (You just need about a paragraph or so to give the artists an idea of what your story is about. So, be complete. Yet succinct. Also, please indicate if your story is gen, het, slash, or some combination thereof.) Need help? Here are some tips.
# Any warnings an artist might need to know about when choosing a story. (non-con, death, animal torture, I don't know... you know what people warn for!)
# Your first draft of no less than 20,000 words. No exceptions. It must be in a word file, and please send it as an attachment to your email. (No one is going to see it but the mods, and we're only looking for word count and story completeness. Once your summary is claimed the artist might ask to see your draft for more inspiration, but we'll leave that to the two of you to work out.)
# Please note, this draft is NOT THE FINAL DRAFT. Some folks have not had time for a full beta. That's FINE. You'll still have a full month and a half to polish your epic. We just need to see that you have a beginning, middle, end, and the bits in-between, and at least 20,000 words. Subplots can still be jiggered, adjectives massaged, scene order twisted, and porn scenes expanded (especially this one!). ;)

4. On September 15th we will post final titles and summaries (without the authors' names attached) for artist claiming.

5. Your final draft must be completed by October 26th. This is also the due date for all art and vids..

6. We will make a staggered posting schedule starting November 2nd. Don't worry about this now, because we're going to make the schedule after we see how many stories have been turned in. You will have plenty of notice!

Because this is so important, I'm going to say it again, in all caps: THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS, FOR ANY REASON, TO THE SEPTEMBER 10th DEADLINE. (Even for you're pathetically procrastinatory, totally earnest mods. Whimper.)

So that's it. Finish up, don't panic, and have fun! You guys are doing awesome, KEEP GOING! Let us know if you have any questions, either here, by e-mail, or at omg_xf_bigbang.

September 10th is also the deadline for artist sign-ups! The one exception for this will be those who signed up as authors but would like to create art for a story (not their own). Authors will be given second crack at signing up to make pretties for stories. If you haven't signed as either an author or an artist, but would like to create a video or other piece of art for one of our epics, please sign-up here before the end of September 10th.