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XF Big Bang Artists' Sign-up Post 2012

This post is for those of you who are creating artworks for the Big Bang challenge. For the purposes of the challenge, art includes, but is not limited to, graphics, icons, banners, manips, cover art and vids.

Rules for Artists

1. You will be expected to create at least one screen-sized graphic, a comic, a picspam containing at least 5 pictures or 2:30 minute length video based on a fanwork. Artists may choose to create icons, banners or a header for a fanwork, but those signing up as artists in the initial sign-ups are expected to go beyond a batch of icons or a banner (however large).
2. Artwork can be any type you wish: original illustration, cover art, photo manipulation.
3. Artwork may be slash, gen or het.
4. AUs and Crossovers are both allowed.
5. The central element of each work must focus on characters from The X-files.
6. You will be able to post your work on your own journal or site, and we'll create a master list of links and summaries at the community.
7. Artwork cannot be posted prior to your assigned posting date.
8. Artists may also sign up to claim a piece of work in another category, but they may not claim their own work.
9. There are no penalties for dropping out. If possible, please notify the mods so we don't keep trying to track you down.
10. Artists should join both the [info]xf_bigbang and [info]omg_xf_bigbang communities, not just watch them, to make sure they get all notes from the mods.

Important Deadlines

You must sign-up to participate by August 14th.

Your first draft (adhering to the minimum requirements) must be completed and turned in with a summary, warnings and final title by August 14th. (This is important and required, because we need to know that you will be finished with your work by the final due date.

On August 15th, a thumbnail/summary of your artwork and its title will be posted (anonymously) for other participants to claim as a prompt. The other participants will create at the very least one piece (title banner, illustration, video, fanmix, audiofic, etc.) to accompany your work. If the artist/vidder/fanmixer requests additional information to work from, you must be prepared to send a copy of your piece.

Claiming Prompts and Posting

Once you have claimed a prompt, you will be given the creator's name and contact information.

Your final piece must be completed by October 6th. You may provide us with a link to the artwork or video or the artwork's file itself.

The posting window will be between October 13th and October 31st. The moderators will contact you with your posting date.

To Sign Up

Please comment below with the following information:

Thanks for participating, and see you in [info]omg_xf_bigbang!
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