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Another Big Bang?

I can't believe another year has gone by and I'm posting about the fourth X Files Big Bang. Where does time go? As most of you who follow the comm will know, we didn't have many contributions last year. I'm hoping to run the Bang again this year, but I'm considering a different format. What I want to know is if anyone be up for taking part, and if so what format you'd prefer. Once I've got an idea of how many people would want to join in and what format we'd be using the other details can be ironed out.

The timeline we worked on last year was:

Writer and Artist Sign-ups Start: May 1st
Writer Sign-Ups Closed: May 14th
Beta Sign-up: May 14th
First Draft Due: August 14th
Artist Sign-Ups Closed: August 14th
Art Selection: August 17th
Final Pieces Due: October 6th
Posting: October 13th - October 31st

Which gave writers 5 months to finish their stories and artists just under 2 months to create the accompanying artwork. Depending on which format we go for (see below) I would imagine we'd run on a similar timeframe this year, but I'd like to know what you think. To that end, here's poll number one.

Would you be interested in taking part in the Big Bang this year?

Yes - as a writer (of any kind)
Yes - as an artist (of any kind)
Yes - as both if possible
Yes - as cheerleader/onlooker
Maybe - it depends when it's being run/if I have time
No - I didn't even finish last year!

Would the suggested timeline (above) work for you?

Not sure
Other (which I'll tell you about in the comments)

To try and get more people involved, I'm thinking of changing the format slightly. What we normally do is have writers and artists sign up on the same date. Writers then get about 5 months to work on their stories before summaries are posted for artists to claim. Artists then have about 2 months to get their work in before the final posting dates. This year I'm thinking we could potentially do one of the following instead:

A reverse big bang, in which the traditional big bang format is flipped around. Artists will create their artworks first, and then writers will create a story (or other written project - I'm thinking of allowing meta for this as well) to accompany the art they claimed.

A multi-category big bang, similar to that held at This would be open to anyone who wants to create something, including but not limited to: artists, icon makers, picspammers, reccers, meta writers, fiction writers, podficcers, fanmixers and vidders. People would only be able to sign up for one category, but would be able to claim pieces in up to three others. Sign ups for each category will open on the same day, and creators will have 5 months to finish their work. Summaries/thumbnails/album sleeves/etc. would then be posted for claims to be made, and those claims must be finished within 2 months. All the work for each category/claim would be posted on the same date. As an example, I could sign up to write some meta, but would also be able to claim a piece of artwork to write fic to, and claim a fic to create a fanmix for. Each of these pieces would have to be posted on the date that I was given. Make sense?

Which would you prefer?

Same as last year
A reverse Big Bang
A multi-category big bang

Have I forgotten to mention something/do you have any questions?

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